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The history:
With a development codename of 'a song to keep us warm'... 58hours was dreamt up in 2002... 6 Los Angeles apartments, and one Los Angeles to San Francisco move later (we're now currently based in San Francisco) and you're looking at the result...

I've used nearly all of that time to compile the heaps of data from personal knowledge and from across the different parts of the web.. compiling, arranging, bending and twisting the data, all with the goal of bringing my revelations to you here on this site. Massive thanks... a big heaping spoonful of appreciation... to,, Adriaan at, and as well as countless other 'heads for their diligence in keeping records, so that I might access them later... Thanks.

Accuracy and selective record-keeping:
It seems to be a constant theme, so I might as well address it...

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    (Q:) "I've noticed a lot of innacurate setlists/missing setlists, what's up?"
    (A:) Thanks for noticing! (and I mean that in the best possible way.) The majority of our setlists rely on the accuracy, feedback and submissions of you the user. With some 600 shows catalogued and with my full time (non-Radiohead related) employment, while I'd like to spend all day sleuthing across the web to determine the legitimacy of setlists which were entered during the fledgling days of 58hours, honestly I need help to make this list better. I welcome all comments, and anytime someone mails me about a disputed setlist, it brings it up on my radar and I will investigate. 58hours does its best to ensure the accuracy of all of its setlists.
    I enjoy viewing accurate data just as much as the next person, (my perverse excitement at seeing this data compiled is really one of the primary reasons why 58hours exists) and when I find obvious errors within our system, I work quickly to correct them. However, sometimes situations arise wherein different accounts of the same show surface (this often happens with 'earlier' shows). Rather than removing the record in question, I normally try to investigate the rumoured setlist difference, and if I can determine the proposed setlist to be more accurate, the change will be made in the 58hours system.
    Long story short. Rather than complain, help us make it better. We're on the same side. :)
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    (Q:) "Why don't you add radio/tv performances to the mix?"
    (A:) While we do have a few BBC performances in the system, I generally consider this database to be a collection of performances which fans were able to attend... If you're going to be attending a Radiohead show and would like to find the probability of your favourite song being played, radio & television performances aren't exactly going to do you much good. (e.g. "Life in a Glass House" has been played for broadcast, but alas, never made it into a concert setlist) Ideally, I'd love to expand the system to include these sorts of tracks, but for now, it's still off on the horizon.

  • Apple MacBook Pro 13"- Intel (Slipstream)*
  • Apple Mac Mini Server- Intel (Homebase)*
  • Apple MacBook Pro 15"- Intel (Je)
  • Apple MacBook Pro 15"- Intel (Boku)
  • Apple MacBook Pro 15"- Intel (Theta)
  • Apple PowerMac - Quad 2.8GHz Intel (Paris)
  • Apple Mac Mini G4 (Zero)
  • Apple PowerMac G5 - dual 2.3GHz (Tatchka)
  • Apple Powerbook 17" Aluminum (Kinetic)
  • Apple PowerMac G5 - dual 2GHz (Bernice)
  • Apple Powerbook 15" Titanium (Praxis III)
  • Apple PowerMac G4 - Dual 1.4 GHz (Synchro)
  • Apple PowerMac G4 - Sawtooth (Lock, Stock & Barrel)
  • Windows XP - Pentium 4, 1.6GHz (Lillith v.2)
  • Windows 98/ Windows NT 4 - Pentium II, 300 MHz (Lillith v.1)
             * still in commission

  • Dreamweaver (for making the PHP that much easier)
  • Flash (for making the data that much more user-licious... and for allowing me to create the Flash Lite mobile app, "58hourslive")
  • Photoshop (for making sense of my nonsense)
  • Fireworks (for compressing when it had to be smaller)
  • Apple's X-Code... can't belive I didn't find this sooner...
  • BBEdit (when Dreamweaver didn't want to parse the php)
  • Apple TextEdit (when BBEdit failed to launch)

      Above everything else, we operate thanks to tireless volunteers like:

still have questions?

what has brian kiel done? [answers]


[v3] Most of the following has been deprecated.

[v2] (premiered June 24, 2006 - at the Berkeley 2 show)

Updates are made through the Flash-Lite 2 compatible handset... submitted directly to the 58hours system, then compared with other agents in the field, and after the validity of the live track has been confirmed (by live participant consensus) the track is then assumed to be valid and added to the live database build.*

Brian currently runs with a Flash-Lite 2 loaded Cingular Nokia 6682 whilst still keeping a 1st-gen (non-3G) iPhone in his back pocket... in case things get rough.


Through the modern marvels of technology, the live setlist update process is incredibly pain-free. Y'see we've got volunteer operatives at select Radiohead shows with web-enabled phones in-hand (With this method, Brian's reluctant choice was the Sprint Samsung A-500)
And from a simple web-enabled phone, the staffer is able to plug in directly to the database which powers the whole of 58hours. It's a one-man job. Thus, when the 58hours staffer plugs a new setlist track in, it goes DIRECTLY to you users. No waiting for the "my friend told me that..." stuff. This is real-time. We get it when you get it.

Prior to the live setlist build, the 58hours staff attending the show perform two quick "uplink checks". Uplink check #1 is performed when the staffer arrives at their seat/location inside of the venue. Uplink check #2 is then performed once the opening act has finished their set. The next action you see on the site after uplink check #2 will be the live setlist.

The old system was successfully executed using a web-enabled cell phone, a sprinkling of PHP, and the wonders of mySQL hanging out on the back end.
58hoursLive (the new system) uses the same as before, but adds a dash of Flash-specific PHP code (on the back-end) for good measure.

Contact us at to get on the volunteer list.

* still may be wrong... don't blame me.

Headmaster of the malcontents.

First dry day, camping out @ Fuji Rock '03 (Naeba, Japan)

The new way: Isn't it so much prettier?

The old way: Yes, that was the bastard of a phone...
The one that needed two reboots per show.
Although the information contained within randomhours is primarily from public knowledge, the construction and organization of the data (including database schema, Flash source code, 58hourslive/randomhourslive, and the interaction therein) is copyright ©2003- by Brian Kiel. While we've done our best here to make sure that the information contained within the database is, to our knowledge correct, should you find any errors or have questions/comments please feel free to contact us. Thank you and have a nice day. [about]